Top 10 IT Service Problems

Top 10 IT Service Problems

As an IT service supplier, we cope with your IT issues daily. Listed below are just ten of the most frequent problems we locate individuals encounter:

I’m Not Able To Log Into

This is easily fixed. Be certain that you haven’t overlooked anything (is your caps lock key perhaps?

Your password may have died, or your account might have been locked because of numerous unsuccessful login attempts.

Your IT Support staff ought to have the ability to reinstate any consumer rights or reset your password.

I’ve Got The Dreaded Blue Screen

The majority of folks will assume that their PC is dead when they view this, and it’s not likely they will read exactly what it says on the monitor.

This issue is usually associated with a driver which isn’t functioning properly. It typically occurs after you set up a new piece of hardware or upgrade some drivers.

It is helpful to inform your IT support precisely exactly that which you did before the error happened, then they could reverse it diagnose the issue.

I Deleted Some Important Files

The very first step would be to inspect the recycle bin. If this fails, then your IT Support spouse will be able to assist you.

Great IT outsourcing firms may automatically back up all your information, so whatever you delete ought to be recoverable.

I Simply Closed My Record Without Saving

This is a frequent phenomenon and can frequently send users into panic mode if they inadvertently do it.

However, all of your work isn’t certainly lost. Otherwise, you may even hunt for Word backup files manually by clicking “open”, “PC” and then navigating to the folder in which the document was last saved.

You might also have the ability to locate your file by doing a search in your personal computer for temporary documents using a .tmp file extension or even a prefix.

My Computer is Running Too Slowly

This might be a easy fix — Are you really running several apps at the same time? Scheduled system updates or scans may also result in slow performance. An excellent IT Support spouse will deal with all your updates and scans for you, outside office hours.

The slowness could result from malware and viruses.

My Computer Just Shut Down Unexpectedly

This might be linked to overheating. Assess your computer for dust, and be certain that it’s at a cool and ventilated area. If that isn’t the matter, then it’s likely a virus issue. Disconnect the PC from some other networks and telephone your IT support specialists!

I Can’t Print Anything

Get the clear solutions from the way. Examine the printer is switched on, has newspaper, contains ink/toner, newspaper in the proper tray etc..

When it is not a clear problem, there might be a relationship problem that the printer is most likely not on the system correctly, so call your IT support help-desk for assistance.

My Web is Actually Slow

If you are linking wirelessly, then the place might be the issue. The sign isn’t necessarily strong in most corners of the construction. In the same way, you might just be too much off. If that isn’t the matter, spyware or viruses are a probable cause.

I Keep Losing Access to The Wireless Network

This might be due to an overloaded router. Telephone your IT support staff and explain the issue. They may require you to test linking to the system with a different gadget.

My Computer Doesn’t Recognise My USB Device

First things to check are:
– Does the device work in a different USB port?
– Are other device recognised in that port?
– Does the device work on a different user’s machine?

In case you’ve tried these troubleshooting approaches and still no luck, then your IT service help-desk can go with a few additional in-depth troubleshooting.